A new DigiByte wallet

A new wallet is on the horizon and it will the first multi-purpose DigiByte wallet supporting most features of the DigiByte environment. You will be able to store large amount of funds on a hardware wallet, manage your DigiAssets, login with Digi-ID, share multi-signature wallets and more!

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$ 1089.00

We are raising funds!

This is a community-funded project. Everyone can donate as much as they want and together create a product. For donations bigger than 1000 DGB you will receive an official DigiAsset. It will tag the holder allowing him to vote to choose the project roadmap.

Open-source work

The wallet will be open-source, allowing everyone to review its code and learning about how most DigiByte features works. It will be developed using ElectronJS with the simplest web technologies. Check the repository.

How is the project structured?

The project is structured in phases, each one will include specific features of the wallet. The community will raise funds to reach the current phase budged and then the development process will start. When the work is done, a new version of the wallet will be released and it will include all the features of the phase.

What's the expected time-frame?

Each phase has its own expected time and it will depend on the features to develop. If the project is interrupted, the current phase will be canceled and all the funds will be distributed to the official asset holders. Each asset will receive 1000 DGB and the remaining funds will be donated to DigiFaucet.

Presentation video

Phases and features

This phase is one of longest and most important. It will implement a basic DigiByte wallet. Capable of handleing regular transactions and the conection with hardware wallets.

Status: testing
Budget: 5000 USD
Basic interfase for Desktop wallet
Coin control management
Decode 3 to 24 word seed phrases
Generate 12 or 24 word seed phrases
AES-256 wallet encryption
Module for comunication with hardware devices
Hierarchical Derivation BIP44, BIP49, BIP84
Multi-acount generation
Sync from public blockbook nodes
Address rotation (manual and automatic)
Sign and broadcast transaction
Multi-Recipient transactions
Advanced TX options
DigiByte Mobile compatibility
DigiAsset protection

This phase will be oriented to digital identity, the implementation of Digi-ID will be the priority and it will present proof of ownership features.

Status: on-development
Budget: 3000 USD
Digi-ID App
Cryptographic signature App
Multi-signature accounts
DigiToken App
Vanity address App
DigiAsset storage
Digi-ID DigiAsset login

This phase is centered on the last fundamental pillar of the DigiByte ecosystem. This will be the fully implementation of the DigiAsset protocol with issuance, transfer and burn asset features.

Status: funding
Budget: 6000 USD
DigiAsset creator
DigiAsset transferor
DigiAsset burner

This phase will be centered in the implementation of multiple blockchain apps and a DEX-like market for DigiAssets.

Status: waiting
Budget: 3000 USD
Address Generator App
Private Key Converter App
Non-custodial DigiAsset market App


Promoters are public people/companies that support this project but does not hold deciding power over it.